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Sur 29 – Letter to the readers

Right to land at the crossroads

Humberto Manoel de Santana Jr. - Brazil

Spirituality and the creation of reality

From Dialogue to Diapraxis in International Development?

Azza Karam - Egypt

Protecting and Promoting the Right to Freedom of Religion and Belief for All

Ahmed Shaheed - Maldives

Ecumenism and Inequality

Sheila Tanaka - Brazil

Arms decree and the evangelical bloc

Silvia Virginia Silva de Souza - Brazil

The Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Rey Ty - Thailand

Religion as politics?

Sandra Mazo - Colombia

Are human rights of religious origin?

Valentine Zuber - France

Religious Freedom and Transnationalization

Cezar Augusto Dranka - Brazil

Melissa Martins Casagrande - Brazil

“Gender ideology” incursions in education

Isabela Oliveira Kalil - Brazil

MC Tha: “Open the Pathways”

- Brazil

Electoral strategies in 2018

Christina Vital da Cunha - Brazil

Ana Carolina Evangelista - Brazil

The Synod for the Amazon

Marcelo Barros - Brazil

The colombian church with an amazonian face

Luz Marina Quintero Cely - Colombia

Toward a Place at the Global Table for Religion

Dennis R. Hoover - United States of America

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel: ”The work we do is solidarity work”

- Argentina

A Moral Budget from a Moral Movement

Shailly Gupta Barnes - United States of America

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Human rights defenders – their roots, faces and stories

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